Richardson, TX Flash Flood Damage Specialists

Whether from natural or manmade causes, flooding in your home or business can be hard to deal with. If stagnant water goes untreated too long, decay can set into the drywall and stability of the building. Additionally, the muggy climate in the Southeast and Richardson makes for prime mold growth. If a flood emergency hits, talk to Paul Davis Emergency Services of Richardson, TX to eliminate the water and damage from the area. Our emergency staff answers 24/7 and is happy to guide you through the claims process too.

Paul Davis Emergency Services of Richardson, TX Flood Damage Steps

We respond to our emergency line 24/7 and respond to calls shortly after. Once we reach you, we conduct an evaluation to record the amount of time and cost of the emergency treatment. As specialists, we do not begin any efforts until you’ve okayed our evaluation. With years of work in flood damage elimination in Richardson, we will deliver the most accurate quote.

Draining the Area

When you agree to our estimate, we can start work by removing flood water in your home. We use specialized pumps to remove all the flood water as we can. By taking out the remaining water and mess, the probability of mold growing lowers.

Clearing the Air

Draining the remaining water is just the first step. We may have to replace floor tiles or carpet to clean additional harm to the surfaces below the floor. The Paul Davis Emergency Services accelerate the drying time with strong fans and dehumidifiers. We prevent additional damage by closely attending to our work.

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