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Causes of Water Damage

Water damage occurs in several various ways and can hit even the most prepared business or home. Various water damage circumstances require appropriate treatments. Whatever the cause or amount of water damage in your home or business, Paul Davis Emergency Services respond quickly and effectively.

These are a few of the most common reasons for water damage:

Bad Weather

Severe weather will test any building’s foundation. If storms get dangerous, water becomes a destructive element. Be it a flash flood, tornado, or blizzard, if water harms your home or business, it becomes a grave problem. Nobody is ready for every scenario, but if issues occur, you can rely on Paul Davis.

Flooding in the Basement

Basements attract lots of runoff water, whether from precipitation, roof damage, a malfunctioning water pump, or any other source. It only takes one ding in the basement for water to flow in. Paul Davis professionals are highly trained to eliminate water from basements, sanitize and restore your home goods, and dry everything effectively to lessen the damage. We don’t stop until we verify that the task is finished.

Sewage Leaks & Malfunctions

Sewage back up is not only disgusting, it’s dangerous. Grey or black water contamination contains microbes that can lead to serious illness. Backup resulting from sewer clogs should be considered a crisis and should be dealt with immediately. Trained Paul Davis emergency responders inspect and eliminate the damage from the sewage and all standing water damage may have occurred. Our equipment and specialized training can eliminate the issues with efficiency and speed.

Busted Pipes & Appliance Leaks

If a sink, tub, washing machine or any other appliance breaks, the outcome can vary from annoying to devastating. Stagnant water on the floor can drain into tight spots, collecting in out of reach places. You then cause wood damage and harbor a mold infestation. If your water damage starts from toilet or dishwasher malfunction, you additionally risk harboring pathogens. Call an emergency professional inspect the situation to prevent more expenses down the road.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s bad enough for a home or business to sustain fire damage, but it’s worse to be left with water damage after the fire. In the process of killing an indoor fire, your property can be left with water damage. This surplus of severe damage can leave your space ruined. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the skills to eliminate all fire or water damage remaining.